Always glad to get pictures of people getting my logo or other artwork designs as tattoos! Here are the ones I have either found or been sent. SOME even asked permission before hand which was a nice thing to do!  nuff' said!


Special offering
This is a unique item and I offer a price break for additional crosses. Just click on the drop down menu for prices.
Crosses are 2 1/4" tall and come on a 28" soft nylon cord.
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The Original 777 Logo Pendant.

​I still have a few of these left. This is the pendant Robert Sweet of Stryper (along with Michael Sweet and the then bass player Tracy Ferrie) wore during their concerts in 2007. Robert even ordered one with a pinback which he wore proudly on his Fedora for the new No More Hell to Pay CD.

​I have only necklaces and pinbacks available. 

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The 777 Aguppywear Logo Pendants.
These are an unique item exclusively from Aguppywear!

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Please note!

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Available in yellow or black holders with Necklace and various sized bracelets. Each item comes with an exclusive Aguppywear guitar pick. Order while supplies last!

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