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Aguppywear Cross shirts!

Aguppywear cross shirt

Special Limited Edition Shirts

Not everything I do is black and yellow. I did a few of these shirts a while back and have had some recent interest in them. These are black tees with grey ink. The ink is from a special order I did for Oz Fox when he was thinking about having shirts done for It is a little shiny which looks good on black!

This shirt features the 2012 winged777 logo large on front with as always a small 777 logo design on right sleeve.

​Oh and yes these shirts are also available in black with yellow ink and yellow with black ink. 

See details below!

Original 777 LOGO shirts.

You can order the Black shirt with 777 logo on front and sleeve or Black shirt with logo front, back and sleeve.

Or the Yellow shirt with 777 logo front and sleeve or the Yellow shirt with 777 logo front, back and sleeve.

​Please email me with style size and color you want and I will get back to you on availability.

Allow up to seven days for item to be made and shipped in the US.

The Robert Sweet Experience! 

Below is a slide-show of Robert Sweet of Stryper wearing Aguppywear shirts in concert during the past few years! 
Aguppywear appreciates Robert's support and I will be making many of these shirts available for purchase if feedback demands it!
The last picture is a collage of Stryper pictures from the 2007 Tour where you can see Michael Sweet and Tracy Ferrie also wearing the 777 pendants.

Aguppywear  shirts!

After a lot of prayers and discussion with the Lord I have decided to stop printing shirts except for special orders. With little constant interest in the 777 shirts it is a hard time for me to print shirts just to have them lay in boxes and since there was little demand for shirts in the Spring of 2016 I have decided to try and sell off the shirts I have on hand and go in a different direction.   

In the meantime check out the current inventory posted on the Today's Specials page!
If you see a pictured shirt and are interested in a specific style of shirt please send me an email. There will only be a limited number of certain shirts printed so important you order soon.
May God bless you richly as you live out your life and may you be a blessing to others!

Mark Chamness - Aguppywear

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Just a limited number of these shirts are left! Most are yellow T's with black in!

The Bob's Whiskey T-shirt!

This popular shirt is available in both black and yellow shirts.

​Only shirts already printed are available to be ordered today!